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Eurapp - a study of the European app economy launched by the European Commission and run by DERI, NUI Galway and GigaOM Research - will provide a comprehensive review of the size of the app economy in Europe so that it can be further supported by the DAE and other initiatives. We will produce innovative and pragmatic recommendations detailing how to overcome various bottlenecks identified in the app economy, using pragmatic ways in which to reach stakeholders, deploying effective research instruments and impact assessment methodologies for the app economy (in particular in relation to jobs creation).


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Independent App Developer Survey

Independent App Developer Survey

Gigaom Research, in partnership with Insight at the National University of Ireland, Galway is conducting a study in support of Eurapp, an analysis of the EU app economy funded by the European Commission. In this survey we are asking about staffing and strategies around apps development and support. The objective is to understand the opportunities and challenges, particularly in job creation, afforded by the European app economy.

We invite you to participate in our survey, which should take about 15 minutes to complete, to share your views and ensure your voice is heard in this critical debate. The findings will be incorporated in a workshop early next year and a major report scheduled for early 2014. As a way of thanking you for your input, we will be happy to share survey findings with you. Survey respondents can also register for a free personal subscription ($299 value) to Gigaom Research and enter a sweepstakes to win a free iPad Air.

All responses will be treated in strict confidence; your identity and contact details will not be disclosed to third parties. We look forward to receiving your responses on this important topic and sharing the results with you.

For the purpose of this survey, we’re defining an app as an application that runs on a mobile phone, a tablet device, a smart TV, or on a social network like Facebook. We’re interested in what your company is doing around these new environments rather than on traditional PC/server operating systems like Windows, MacOS, or Linux, or on websites accessed by PCs with a browser. Of course, your company may develop applications, websites, and services for those other environments, but we’re specifically interested in your apps for those new environments.

We would also like to acknowledge our survey promotion partners: Application Developers Alliance, Mobile Marketing Association, App Promotion Summit, All Amber, PAUG, Twilio and MobileGroove Media.

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