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Eurapp - a study of the European app economy launched by the European Commission and run by DERI, NUI Galway and GigaOM Research - will provide a comprehensive review of the size of the app economy in Europe so that it can be further supported by the DAE and other initiatives. We will produce innovative and pragmatic recommendations detailing how to overcome various bottlenecks identified in the app economy, using pragmatic ways in which to reach stakeholders, deploying effective research instruments and impact assessment methodologies for the app economy (in particular in relation to jobs creation).


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Rebooting the EU App Economy

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FREE Workshop: Rebooting the EU App Economy

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin, 13th November 2013

Keynote Speakers

Mark Mason, Founder and CEO, Mubaloo

"Influence of apps in the boardroom and beyond"

Mark Mason

Mark Mason is the founder and CEO of Mubaloo, Europe's largest enterprise app developer and mobile Strategist with offices in London, Bristol, Berlin and New York, employing over 50 people. He is also a winner of the Appsters 'App Developer of the Year' in 2012 and 2013, Mobile Entertainment ‘Enterprise Developer of the year 2012’. He was the IOD South West Director of the Year 2012 and Chairman of the Prince's Trust South West Leadership Group.


Matthaus Krzykowski, Co-Founder, Xyo

"Berlin's app economy in light of global app trends"

Matthaus Krzykowski

Matthaus Krzykowski is a co-founder at Xyo, the first true mobile app search company. Xyo is inventing the technology and user experience needed for users to make most of the opportunities of our emerging mobile lives. He is also an adviser at Priori Data and a Berlin partner and investor at dots'n'spaces (with Olga Steidl), a collective of technology professionals.


Aaron Watkins, President and Founder, Appency

"Promoting your apps"

Aaron Watkins

Aaron Watkins has been working with mobile technology since before phones even flipped open. In his six years as an executive at ipsh! Mobile Marketing, Aaron led a number of award-winning mobile campaigns for major brands like Anheuser-Busch, Frito-Lay and Unilever, while also building strong, lasting business relations that benefited all involved. In 2008, Aaron was recruited to start the San Francisco office of The Hyperfactory, a mobile agency with a global presence. After working with app developers as a marketing consultant, Aaron wrote the official GigaOM guide to app marketing and founded Appency in 2009. By leading one of the only app-exclusive marketing and public relations firms in the world, Aaron has helped dozens of companies understand and succeed in the app space, from giants like Random House and Universal to one-man indie studios like Codito and Inkstone Mobile. The distinct, tumultuous markets of both Apple and Android are a challenge Aaron deeply enjoys.


Tutorial Speakers

Jonathan Carter, Co-Founder, Glimworm

"Easy publishing of apps with push2press"

Jonathan Carter

Jonathan Carter is the owner and co-founder of Glimworm. After more than 10 years of innovative experience, Jonathan was asked to join CMG's prestigious Advanced Technology Department consulting for blue chip companies. Eventually, he shifted his attention to new media and created Glimworm, bringing his talents to the world of web development. With nearly 30 years in the industry, his list of accomplishments is extensive including everything from project management to robot building and he continues to keep on top of new developments by constantly evaluating emerging technologies


Hans Hartman, President, Suite 48 Analytics

"Monetising your apps"

Hans Hartman

Hans Hartman is president of Suite 48 Analytics, a market research company focused on mobile photography, and chair of Mobile Photo Connect. Previously he was chair of the Seybold PDF Conferences and conference director of Future Image Mobile Imaging Summit Europe. Hans is also a GigaOM Pro Analyst and was recently named “Mobile Power Player” by AlwaysOn.


Peggy Anne Salz, Founder and Chief Analyst, MobileGroove Media

"Turning your app into a product"

Peggy Anne Salz

Peggy Anne Salz is the chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove Media. She is an authority on mobile search and content discovery technologies. She is the author of "The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps", a practical book that equips marketers, brands and developers with the business basics they need to monetise their apps and encourage ongoing engagement. Her most recent series of practical how-to white papers covers the basics of mobile advertising and mobile analytics.


Dimitris Michalakos, Web Technology Lead, VisionMobile

"HTML5 for mobile development"

Dimitris Michalakos

Dimitris Michalakos is the web technology lead at VisionMobile. At VisionMobile, Dimitris is in charge of the Developer Economics portal and also leads the company’s research on web technologies. Dimitris is a developer and entrepreneur. As a developer he is fluent with HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, Git, J2EE and PHP - including tinkering with JS visualisations. Dimitris is an engineer at heart. He enjoys breaking things apart to see how the work, except of course for his precious Firefox OS phone.


Richard Bown, Founder, Xyglo Mobile Gaming

"Mobile game development opportunities"

Richard Bown

Richard Bown is an IT consultant and entrepreneur in enterprise software development and product development. With his latest venture, Xyglo, he started by taking a careful look at the mobile games development market before jumping in with both feet. Xyglo has just published their first game for mobile – Mote Wars. This talk will bring together his experiences from the last two years of mobile game development and where he thinks the area is headed.


Mark Frawley, Mobile Developer, Jimdo

"Cross-platform development with PhoneGap and Titanium"

Richard Bown

Mark Frawley is a veteran mobile/web developer with years of experience in mobile, and web development. Recently his interests and work have moved towards mobile (native and web) apps, working with Objective-C/Ruby for the iOS and HTML5 for mobile web platforms. He believes beautifully and thoughtfully designed products are what drive profit margins and value in any company. He was previously lead mobile developer at Hostelworld.



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Time Person, Organisation Topic
08:30 Registration opens
09:00 John Breslin
Eurapp Lead, NUI Galway
“The Eurapp project: a study of the European app economy”
09:10 Bogdan Ceobanu
European Commission
“Introduction to Startup Europe and funding opportunities in Horizon 2020”
09:30 Prof. Hans-Joachim Grallert
Fraunhofer HHI
“Welcome and introduction to Fraunhofer HHI”
09:40 David Card
VP, Gigaom Research
“Initial results from surveys / interviews with stakeholders”
10:00 Aaron Watkins
President and Founder, Appency
"Promoting your apps"
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Maciej Dabrowski (Chair)
Researcher, NUI Galway
"Funding and scaling-up app companies" challenge presentations
12:00 Tutorials in parallel
Jonathan Carter
Co-Founder, Glimworm
"Easy publishing of apps with push2press"
Peggy Anne Salz
Founder and Chief Analyst, MobileGroove Media
"Turning your app into a product"
Richard Bown
Founder, Xyglo Mobile Gaming
"Mobile game development opportunities"
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Matthäus Krzykowski
Co-Founder, xyo.net
"Berlin's app economy in light of global app trends"
14:30 Mark Mason
Founder and CEO, Mubaloo
"Influence of apps in the boardroom and beyond"
15:00 Mark Mulligan (Chair)
Analyst, GigaOM Research
"Addressing EU market conditions" challenge presentations
16:00 Tutorials in parallel
Hans Hartman
President, Suite 48 Analytics
"Monetising your apps"
Dimitris Michalakos
Web Technology Lead, VisionMobile
"HTML5 for mobile development"
Mark Frawley
Mobile Developer, Jimdo
"Cross-platform development with PhoneGap and Titanium"
16:55 Workshop wrap-up



  1. Involve attendees from app startups in an interactive and hands-on bootcamp workshop focusing on current and future strategies
  2. Hear from app experts and those who have created successful app companies in the EU and elsewhere
  3. Learn about potential solutions to the challenging funding and market conditions in the EU as envisioned by our innovation challenge solvers
    • Presentations of the winning concepts from each of the two innovation challenges
    • Chat with 10 invited solvers from the top-ranked ideas worldwide in both challenges
    • Discuss actionable recommendations for the European Commission
  4. Find out about the latest results of our Eurapp study of the EU app economy
    • Interviews with developers and platform providers
    • Surveys of those working in EU app companies

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Eventbrite - Eurapp: Rebooting the App Economy

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