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Eurapp - a study of the European app economy launched by the European Commission and run by DERI, NUI Galway and GigaOM Research - will provide a comprehensive review of the size of the app economy in Europe so that it can be further supported by the DAE and other initiatives. We will produce innovative and pragmatic recommendations detailing how to overcome various bottlenecks identified in the app economy, using pragmatic ways in which to reach stakeholders, deploying effective research instruments and impact assessment methodologies for the app economy (in particular in relation to jobs creation).


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Shape the Future App Economy of Europe





  1. Inform attendees about the goals for Eurapp project and describe how we will study the app economy in Europe to:
    • create a European app economy model and jobs profile using surveys and interviews with various stakeholders
    • assess and model market size and near-term forecast/potential
    • profile job types related to mobile apps and analyse the size (how many people) of each category
    • generate ideas and solve key problems affecting the app economy using crowdsourced ideation challenges
  2. Present interim results from initial interviews with app economy stakeholders/developers
  3. Hear from the experiences of key mobile app companies and stakeholders in Europe about:
    • successes they have had
    • problems they have faced
    • what could the EC do to help them or their customers?
    • what are their metrics of success, and how can they be improved?
  4. Brainstorm key problems in the European app economy to be fed into two innovation challenges, in particular:
    • what are the primary bottlenecks experienced by European app companies (directly related to European location)?
    • in the app aftermarket, what are a company’s main barriers to success in achieving their desired success metrics (monetization, downloads, etc.)

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Friday, June 14, 2013

  • 09:00 Martin Hahn, “Introduction to Startup Europe and motivation for Eurapp”
  • 09:15 John Breslin: “The Eurapp project: a study of the European app economy”
  • 09:30 David Card / Mark Mulligan: “Initial results from surveys / interviews with stakeholders”
  • 10:00 Coffee
  • 10:30 Lightning talks: “For growing the app economy in Europe, there are some bottlenecks that need policy action” (Peggy Anne Salz, Ruud de Jonge, Kumardev Chatterjee, Tanguy De Lestré)
  • 10:50 Mapping session to brainstorm top hurdles and suggestions on how to overcome them
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 Lightning talks: “Our company's measures for success in the app aftermarket, and barriers to achieving them” (Ben Medlock, Eiso Kant, Andreas Pappas, Cornelius Rabsch)
  • 13:50 Breakout mapping session to brainstorm success measures and how to achieve them
  • 15:30 Coffee
  • 16:00 Discussion around outcomes from both mapping sessions



Ben Medlock, SwiftKey

Ben Medlock

Ben Medlock is the CTO and co-founder of SwiftKey, an intelligent keyboard for smartphones that has transformed typing on touchscreens. Ben is responsible for overseeing the product/technology side of the business, for driving innovation and establishing and promoting SwiftKey's company vision. He studied computer science at Durham University, followed by an MPhil and PhD at the University of Cambridge in applied natural language processing.


Eiso Kant, Tyba

Eiso Kant

Eiso Kant is co-founder and managing director at Tyba, a platform for junior talent to showcase their professional potential and for recruiters to connect with the candidates. He also founded the Twollars service in 2008, and has previously worked with Booz & Company and AkzoNobel. His passions include entrepreneurship, startups, and solving real world problems by building useful internet applications.


Peggy Anne Salz, MobileGroove

Peggy Anne Salz

Peggy Anne Salz is the chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove. She is an authority on mobile search and content discovery technologies. She is the author of "The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps", a practical book that equips marketers, brands and developers with the business basics they need to monetise their apps and encourage ongoing engagement. Her most recent series of practical how-to white papers covers the basics of mobile advertising and mobile analytics.


Ruud de Jonge, Microsoft

Ruud de Jonge

Ruud de Jonge joined Microsoft in 1992 as IT director and has moved across the Microsoft organization contributing in technical, sales and marketing roles. Since 2005, Ruud has been involved with evangelism to technical audiences, and starting 2010 Ruud has been responsible for evangelism in Western Europe. In 2012 Ruud added the responsibility for Windows Phone Applications in Western Europe.


Kumardev Chatterjee, EYIF

Kumardev Chatterjee

Kumardev Chatterjee is the Founder and President of the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF). Kumardev leads EYIF's broad community of young innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs. He is responsible for the management of EYIF's key stakeholder relationships including the EC, the US State Department (for InnotourUSA), Fortune 100 Chairpersons and CEOs, the World Economic Forum, the European Investment Fund, and the OECD.


Andreas Pappas, VisionMobile

Andreas Pappas

Andreas Pappas is a Senior Analyst at VisionMobile, responsible for primary research and analysis across the company’s products. Andreas comes to VisionMobile from Ofcom, the UK’s telecoms / media regulator and competition authority, where he provided technology horizon scanning, analysis and due diligence across a range of sectors (mobile, next-generation fixed, new media). Before Ofcom, Andreas was a research engineer at BT Exact, BT’s research arm.


Tanguy De Lestré, Agoria App Alliance Belgium

Tanguy De Lestré

Tanguy De Lestré is Business Development Manager (Associations) with Agoria, a federation for the Belgian technology industry. He leads the App Alliance for Agoria, set up to support the app sector in Belgium and to provide a bridge between companies that want an app and those who can develop them. He is also founder of the Brussels division of MobileMonday. Previous to Agoria, he has worked with Altran, IRIS, Oglivy and ABB.


Cornelius Rabsch, eBay

Cornelius Rabsch

Cornelius Rabsch is Manager Mobile C2C at eBay. He joined eBay Germany in 2012 as Product Manager Mobile with a focus on improving eBay's mobile experiences. Before that he worked as VP Mobile Devices at kaufDA/Bonial International Group where he managed the mobile product and software development team. His mobile career started with founding Tagcrumbs in 2008, a location-based service to remember your favorite places.


David Card, GigaOM

David Card

David Card is Vice President for Research at GigaOM Research. His expertise is as an industry analyst (and manager) covering the intersection of media, technology, and consumer behavior. His specialities include customer segmentation, competitive analysis, go-to-market strategies, market forecasting. Previously, David has held lead roles in Jupiter Research, International Data Corporation and Electronic Business magazine.


John Breslin, NUI Galway

John Breslin

John Breslin is a lecturer at the National University of Ireland Galway. He is also a research leader at DERI, the world’s premier Semantic Web research institute. John is best known for being a co-founder and director of boards.ie Ltd., Ireland’s largest discussion website. More recently, John co-founded US app company StreamGlider Inc., a real-time streaming newsreader that can be private-labeled for content publishers on tablets.



Room 0/S1, BU25, 25 Avenue de Beaulieu, 1160 Auderghem, Brussels, Belgium.



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